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Real Estate Dispute Resolution, Prevention
& Training

Wherever humans merge with the landscape, they generate conflict and disputes.

Roger A. Moss designs and manages programs that have helped thousands of people address conflicts involving homes and commercial real estate. Experienced working throughout North America and Hawaii, Roger now serves clients and organizations globally. Roger has pioneered
online service delivery for real estate conflict and practices Radical Neutrality™ , seeking outcomes and value for all participants in a dispute.

Tall Buildings


Transforming conflict resolution in real estate with the understanding that threats to home or business trigger fear and intense emotion. They demand urgent attention. The best resolutions depend on the swift delivery of services grounded in practical experience and empathy for all involved.


Serving California, New Mexico, Arizona and Beyond

21st Century Best Practices for Real Estate Resolutions: Online Dispute Resolution; Online, In-Person,
Shuttle Negotiation Options Available

Using online dispute resolution (ODR) to handle real estate disputes, I can accelerate the resolution process, add convenience for participants, and reduce costs.

ODR facilitates asynchronous negotiations, which produce the best results in real estate matters. Results that emerge  slowly tend to be more satisfactory to parties, and more durable over time.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
-Muhammad Ali

Our Services

Our Services

Every conflict is unique and deserves a customized approach. Roger A Moss Real Estate Solutions offers a range of services animated by the latest thinking in the field of conflict engagement.

Business Meeting

Conflict Intervention

Dispute Evaluation

Negotiation Coaching

Couple in Mediation


Real Estate Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Smiling Teacher

Advising & Training

Dispute Prevention

Resolution Training

Mediator Mentoring

Real Estate Resolutions Provided for:

Small Business Owners

Family Businesses

Real Property Attorneys & Client

Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Consumers 

Real Estate Brokerages 

Divorce Attorneys or Coaches

Accountants & Other Professionals

Other Mediators

Private Landlords

Commercial Landlords

Real Estate Tenants


Real Estate Developers

Community Managers

Commercial Landlords

Housing Providers


Seeking Support for Conflict Intervention and Prevention

What Clients Have to Say About Roger A Moss

"When I’m faced with a difficult decision, either personally or professionally, Roger is the first person I turn to for clarity. I’ve relied on his advice to help make critical, life-changing choices. Roger is a master communicator with a rare ability to navigate uncertainty, particularly during highly pressurized and emotionally sensitive situations, and deliver resolution, reconciliation, understanding: whatever the goals of the involved parties. Extraordinarily perceptive, Roger listens patiently with a reassuring presence. He blends natural ability as a communicator with long business experience to quickly understand and negotiate conflicting interests and motivations in any context."

Ben Wharton
Project Manager at Heartland, LLC

Meet Roger Moss

Roger A. Moss has an extensive background in business negotiation, mediation, and strategy. He has channeled 30 years’ experience into the creation of groundbreaking real estate dispute resolution and prevention techniques and into the creation of programs that have stabilized thousands of homes, developments and small business locations.


The best resolutions depend on compassion, patience, and vision. Real estate disputes, particularly in a rental context, trigger significant emotional responses. A fusion of empathy and lateral thinking, along with substantial experience in creative real estate problem solving, always produces superior outcomes, compared to litigation. 


Client satisfaction is my first priority. My experience shows that the best results emerge from a combination of rapid intervention, thorough investigation, and many small conversations. Restore calm. Study the landscape and relationships. Seek consensus. Then people can embrace solutions that endure.

"In the real estate business you learn more about people, and you learn more about community issues, you learn more about life, than any other profession that I know of."
- Johnny Isakson

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